200 Georgia residents being monitored for possible deadly China coronavirus


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This is a strange article. Why? There has got to be a reason as to why they are being monitored. This says nothing

It says they traveled through China and are now sick.

How did I miss that part?

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Or at a minimum lessen the effects? Or will that not help with this virus attaching itself to each individual cell in your lung and replicating itself.

And there are many different types of pneumonia. Caused by many different strains of bacteria or viruses.

If this could all be relieved by taking the pneumonia vaccine. I wouldn’t have anything to worry about, because I already took it

But it’s more to it. A lot more to it. That’s why the CDC is involved. And that’s why I am self-quarantining.


I’m posting some nonsense metrics

Just heads up

A map showing just how the coronavirus could have been spread from the epicenter Wuhan has been compiled by researchers as the outbreak is revealed to have killed more 1,000 people the world over, according to data form the Chinese government released Monday evening. A total of 103 people died in a single day in China’s Hubei province on Monday - the highest toll recorded in any one 24-hour period since the outbreak began in December. It comes the same day as World Health Organization (WHO) experts and scientists have finally arrived in China to help officials there contain and study the outbreak which has now struck at least 42,729 people worldwide. A map created by Southampton University researchers shows how 60,000 out of a total of five million people who have traveled out of Wuhan since the beginning of the outbreak and before the city was fully locked down have crisscrossed the globe.

I know it must be painful. It’s probably akin to the way I feel when I post CNN updates. Stay strong. Try not to vomit.

At least the Post is starting to wake up


Such nonsense numbers

60% infected, 1% fatality (from posted doc estimate), 45million dead… is my math stacking?




中共的打手们病了。The outbreak of the navy has made the submarine forces more dangerous. It is known that 46 military police officers and their families have been diagnosed, and more than 2,500 military police have been isolated. It is reported that the navy is a high-risk service. According to the annual training plan, the navy will be the peak period after the Chinese New Year. Therefore, even if all personnel test “negative” before departure, someone may still carry the virus and transmit it to most officers and men in the ship.

The submarine force is even more dangerous. If a sealed submarine carries a virus, most people may become sick and die. Because it takes at least a week for the nuclear submarine to return to the base from the mission.

A staff member of Xiangyang 991 Hospital confirmed that the Armed Police Force with a confirmed new virus pneumonia is in hospital. It is reported that 2,500 local armed police are being quarantined.
The CCP ’s thugs are sick.

:clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4: Finally, some real talk.

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