1st degree charges will be dismissed. DA should have gone for something which would have stuck.

1st degree charges will be dismissed. DA should have gone for something which would have stuck.

Kyle is more than justified in protecting businesses from looters and other rioters under 939.49(2). Once those actors turned their attention to attacking the Kyle it became a case of self-defense in which he was more than justified under 939.48(1).
939.49 Defense of property and protection against retail theft.
(2)A person is privileged to defend a 3rd person’s property from real or apparent unlawful interference by another under the same conditions and by the same means as those under and by which the person is privileged to defend his or her own property from real or apparent unlawful interference, provided that the person reasonably believes that the facts are such as would give the 3rd person the privilege to defend his or her own property, that his or her intervention is necessary for the protection of the 3rd person’s property, and that the 3rd person whose property the person is protecting is a member of

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The Wisc DA is a social justice warrior Dem. He won’t get a fair trial.

That was already apparent from the lack of punishment for destruction and lack of consequences for BLM types murdering. The entire country is watching and half knows such killing is entirely legal and moral after having a maltolv thrown at you - just lighting it and making the motions to throw would have been enough to be in the legal right. If Kyle is punished (and the left isn’t for all their destruction) it’s gonna get bad, fast. That means there is no rule of law

Let’s say he gets railroaded, Then the rioters are further emboldened to be more aggressive — as they see any push back (self defense) will be met by police handcuffs. There is no upside to this…

:israel::lebanon: For the first time since 2006, the Israel Defense Forces entered open confrontation with Hezbollah, destroying several Hezbollah observation posts on the border with Lebanon

On the evening of August 25, Israeli Air Force F-16 fighter and several AH-64 Apache helicopters struck with white phosphorus in response to shelling from Lebanese side at Israeli forces stationed at the border.

:israel::lebanon: Армия обороны Израиля впервые с 2006 года вступила в открытую конфронтацию с Хезболлой, уничтожив несколько наблюдательных постов Хезболлы на границе с Ливаном

Вечером 25 августа истребитель F-16 ВВС Израиля и несколько вертолётов AH-64 Apache нанесли удар белым фосфором в ответ на обстрел с ливанской стороны по израильским военным, размещенным на границе

Upside is people now starting to understand it’s easy to project lethal power.
17y/o dis-arms (shoots the arm holding a pistol half off of) one of the organizers of the event after he came at him. Kyle didn’t spray into the crowd. Each target who presented a violent threat was subdued with minimal force - he didn’t pump another round into the guy who came at him with a pistol. The first a headshot. The others were point blank and the resulting positioning of the attacker.
He chose not to shoot before the guy moved in towards him. What a fucking Chad move to do in the middle of a firefight.
That was good shooting. I’ll be donating to his defense fund as i believe in the rule of law - despite that many places now no longer uphold the law. Another potential upside is this event will show how biased the government has been acting (both sides failing to enforce the laws across the board instead only selectively applying it) - at least to the normies who don’t see the emotional strings tugging people to act in destructive ways.

:exclamation:PLA conducted test launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles

Satellite recorded the launch of a YJ-18 cruise missile from an O52D destroyer of the Chinese Navy

The United States Department of Defense believes the YJ-18 is similar to the Russian 3M-54 Klub, with a subsonic cruise mode and a supersonic terminal attack; the missile is credited with a range of 290 nautical miles which would give it a threat ring of 264,200 sq nmi

Barcelona :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Useful info

More than 40 warships of the Chinese Navy left their bases in the east of the country and went to sea


small mistake and we have a major conflict on our hands.

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I was told buy a crytpo accountant to just answer “no”

Hurricane is rolling in.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for a full-scale and transparent investigation of the situation with Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

In response, the Kremlin replied: “What difference what you found in Berlin … You found in Berlin, so sort it out in Berlin. And if something happens with Navalny, then all the questions are also to the Germans.

:syria: #SYRIA
:us::ru: Video of yesterday’s clash between Russian and US troops in the village of Derik, Malikia region
:black_small_square:Pentagon said multiple US troops were injured in a collision with a Russian military convoy in eastern Syria Tuesday. One of Russian armored cars collided with US car, as a result of which crew received “injuries similar to concussion”, four Americans injured
:black_small_square:Today An-124-100 heavy transport aircraft and seven Il-76 Russian Aerospace Forces arrived at the Khmeimim airbase from Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow

:us::ru: Видео вчерашнего столкновения между российскими и американскими войсками в деревне Дерик в районе Маликии
:black_small_square:Пентагон заявил, что несколько американских военных были ранены в результате столкновения с российским военным конвоем в восточной Сирии. Один из российских броневиков столкнулся с американским автомобилем, ранены четыре американца
:black_small_square:Тяжёлый транспортный самолёт Ан-124-100 и семь Ил-76 ВКС России прибыли на авиабазу Хмеймим с подмосковного аэродрома Чкаловский

:venezuela: Venezuelan police special forces, FAES, were ambushed yesterday in the Cota 905 area of Caracas.
Explosions from large-caliber weapons are heard in the video

It is curious that M20 Super Bazooka rocket launcher was seen in service with the militants of Caracas, which was previously in service with the Venezuelan army … (which once again confirms the fact of corruption in the ‘socialist’ countries)

:venezuela: Сотрудники специального подразделения полиции Венесуэлы FAES вчера попали в засаду в районе Cota 905 в Каракасе.
На видео слышны взрывы из крупнокалиберного оружия

Любопытно, что на вооружении одной из банд Каракаса замечен реактивный гранатомет М20 Super Bazooka, ранее стоявший на вооружении венесуэльской армии… (что лишний раз подтверждает факт коррупции в разорившихся “социалистических” странах)

Hellow somebody can speak in Spanish? Please

Well this serves to show divide and conquer escalated from last night. Definitely clear they are pushing more war between the people to instill chaos. @AriesAzazel I hope this is ok sharing. Not political but showing what happens when the people getting sucked into the false sides and it really is taking it’s toll and reaching a breaking point. Anyone is welcome to respond as long as we move beyond politics.

Also you did mention the waters being passed out were going to bite them back in the arss. Well that just added fuel for the fire.

The whole shooting to help make easier for folks to see all aspects. Just resharing the thread to see all videos.

Post found in /pol/ thread:

You Americans need to be ready for what comes next. There is going to be a lot of disinfo surrounding last night and you guys need to be able to correct the record. This entire night was so perfect for redpilling fence sitters and normies.
This boy defended himself against one rioter who chased him into a parking lot. He defended himself against more aggressors, one of which brandished a pistol.

You guys need to be ready with all the footage that has been gathered. You can save videos from twitter and youtube using web based converters.


Compilation of everything:

interview 1 with Kyle:

interview 2 with Kyle:

“Shoot Me” guy instigating:

“Shoot Me” guy throwing object at Kyle while chasing him into a parking lot, gets shot:

Another angle of the first shooting, object on the ground not sure what it is anymore, could be a homebrew molotov, could be his moms lunch:

weaker angle:

Extended clip of him fighting off mob and subsequently turning himself into the police:

Syria. Now comes the big trouble.

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