$160m a year: Sweeping new assessment of NZ's big flood threat

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Could this be posted to deter the rest to leave for NZ by making it less appealing and as if it’s worthless to move to if it’s just going to flood?


as a deterrent

and to keep people from leaving

if a little water is the worst of the problems

bring it on

Microsoft nationwide outage?

Pay attention to all what I’m about to post.

Aerospace and Antarctica in the same paragraph

This happened yesterday during the Geostorm

If you want to follow life at McMurdo


Ive literally never seen so many military aircraft up at once

lol you think they are covering riots?

some are searching for Club-K nukes hat have been smuggled into the United States

the others are preparing

Notice how we closing the Embassy in Iraq and Afghanifstan?

POTUS wants out boys home

where we will make our last stand to whatever may come

Don’t waste time on politics

learn skills

don’t waste time on Rabbit Holes

or Netflix

since yesterday only 1 of you has signed up for HAM Radio test

and 1 of you is testing today

Keep Preparing, remember the Doomsday Dossier

Remember the Doomsday Dossier published in the UK.

Remember this morning me discussing how butane is sold out everywhere.

Remember the postings regarding Solar Minimum.

Remember all the Freak Weather we are having.

Watch this
Remember it’s 2001 in the basement of the White House that this scene is based upon.

Listen carefully

It’s not the full version but watch it and you’ll see them mentioning the Deep Freeze of 2020

Learn Skills and Keep Preparing, Avoid Politics and Avoid Rabbit Holes.

This 100%

Also yesterday, This was under reported.

The Solar Storm knocked one of the NOAA Satellite Databases,

NOAA usually white outs the Antarctic views, so they are scrambling to cover up the leaked images of the Bases.

New chart reveals military’s vast involvement in Operation Warp Speed


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You watch often?

151 personnel and 165k lb cargo…for what?

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Farewell to rest of the world… deep base baby getting ready…

Like Greenland. Better not alert masses and have them gone before people figure out and all chaos breaks loose when shtf.

Keep prepping build skills for surival and to get through the green door.

And folks learn ham and make time for it because time is running out.

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can’t would be a dick thing to do.

if SHTF what do you think will happen if the real maps of Antarctica was leaked?

I know what buttons to press and ones not too press

that one I’m not touching