15 Irrefutable Reasons Why We Might Be Living in a Simulation

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U.S. AG Barr Announces Publication of Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework

Bitcoin is valuable because it is unstoppable

Another benefit with cryptocurrencies is that nobody’s allowed to control the supply, so you escape the inflation heavy fiat money we use today.

Any forms of crypto used off world?

Already happening

From the floor to the moon to Mars to beyond

Framework is being laid out

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

or is it

Bitcoin: A Planetary-to-Planetary Electronic Cash System


What they hope for

Quantum entanglement will allow blockchains all over the galaxy to be in perfect synchronicity. Eventually, schrodinger miners kept at -273 Kelvin will allow all blockchains to remain in every conceivable state simultaneously until someone checks their wallet balance thus triggering a Bose-Einstein condensation into a single blockchain. Ultimately, of course, 4th dimensional probability nodes stored on linked photon agglomerates traveling at light speed will allow transactions to be logged before they even take place.

I ask…because someone told me Cardano is a precursor to off world crypto


Constantly dollar cost averaging into BTC

“We don’t take Gold Bars to Mars” or to “the floor” (Underwater Bases) always remember this.

So…we would need quantum capable phones and computers

No that’s nonsense

Cardano does not achieve Unstoppability

How far out are quantum enabled devices?

None of them do

For public I mean


I mean iPads were around in the 70s

N you just got them in what 2009

Also depends on the technology transfers and who’s deemed worthy of holding them

This is what I meant. I know this technology is already out there

I see

But this is assuming the 2 world system stays in place

If Open Eyes happens all bets are off

We enter Brave New World territory

But look at the past six months

Iceland’s Most Active Volcano Looks Like It’s Getting Ready to Erupt Again

Chilean police throw boy, 16, off bridge during protests | Chile | The Guardian

keep track on how much disclosure is happening, from batteries to small reactors to new planes.

To calls for mini nuclear reactors on the moon. That have already been around since the 50s

I mean of course this is bullshit

But for appearances

They have to pretend they are giving the little guy (the public) a chance for input

Of all the things you’ve ever posted, this one exploded my brain. Lol. Basically, thought currency?