1400 aboard with Coronavirus Symptoms! Turned away from 3 Ports!

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Bad bad bad!!! :fearful::scream:

400,000 wow!!
I’m really not all that surprised if those numbers are correct considering the population size in these areas. My heart goes out to all these people on these cruise ships.

Way more Han that it was 100,000 a week ago

I have been doing a live show e wry night at 10 pm I was invited here to do my news efforts

Infected or dead

Aries can u post again how many infected there are worldwide

it doesn’t help we have the most inept person in the world leading decisions during a new global pandemic

I’m in tashkent, uzbekistan. The country is too poor to properly test but I can guarantee it’s here, people are paranoid about it.

It’s a bullshit map

But ok



Thanx anyway👌

3 in Italy from yesterday…

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