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The sorry is that China Lake was under Black Hat control

On the 4th of July

It was raided

By White Hats

You guys know that’s different error than “video was removed”, right?

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So the white hats took it over?

It connects the 4 bases

These 4 bases are also hinted upon

In Westworld

How Westworld Season 2 is this

If Earth is the Park then “The drone hosts relate to the corporation’s secret project which is hidden in plain sight in this park,” so the 4 remote bases are control centers on Earth. These ancient bases are = to the Delos bases on the show.

Watch both videos

To understand

Also that mini space shuttle

The USAF has


It essentially goes around Black Knight

Shoots microwave

Like ground penetrating Radar

Then the USAF is trying to replicate the technology

Watch both videos to understand The 4 bases and Black Knight

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As for the pentagram at China Lake

At this point I can not get into the colors

Only Black and White


For now

The DUMB Quake Guide

Hey everyone, as many of you know I have spent nearly 6 weeks round the clock researching and finding Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) and then cross-triangulating them against a series of known other variables that may help to verify one existing such as Heat data, Drone sightings and Missing Persons along with Quake data.

Below is the link to the research and mapping I have done primarily for the US (and expanding it globally shortly). There are multiple layers so that you can turn them off/on to digest the data easier. Also the 5.0 quakes layer is just quakes not tied to any specific DUMBs (yet). The Keys to reading the map are below the link.


DUMBS Layer (icon with a Star)
Green= White Hat Controlled
Orange=Black Hat Controlled

Black= Missing Persons (possible or confirmed DUMB) black (extra marker) are to highlight where people have gone missing in the same place

Regions where there is a cluster of quakes with known DUMBS around them have been highlighted as well in shapes

Connections between DUMBS

In some rare cases, I was able to get enough info to determine that some DUMBs are high probably connected and drew lines to connect them

Quakes (normal markers)
Purple = confirmed in same area as a DUMB
Blue = Havent had time to mark or remove them yet
anything with ? is to be further confirmed (orange or green)

Drones Colorado, Nebraska area
Burgundy Colour = Marked in little disks/UFOs. To highlight that they were sighted in those areas

Thank you @AriesAzazel for your support / guidance to get to this point!

Since posting this I have added Cow Mutilations on the map as well. Many vectors to consider to identify odd things happening.

I would love to know more about the Salton Sea Watchers. And @paktani28 where did you get that photo of the 3 tall greys? pretty amazing

was just fooling around with google keywords :slight_smile:


brilliant @AriesAzazel but you forgot to mention that the we have bases on the moon too :slight_smile:

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the one below Ghana

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So when was the pentagram (Hexagram) at China Lake built?

I’m think8ng 1960s for purpose of SAM site testing…

Well, did it get blown up or not?

Irrelevant- I can explain private message why or here if there’s enough interest

Don’t want to sideline the topics at hand