+1. But I didn't see enough context to quantify if the male was being threatened or just stopping a burglar/vandal

⤺ reposted by @MartinMakerInDisguise from vacuum is a great insulator and space is almost a vacuum (1.3 × 10−11 Pa.). no atmospheric collisions to slow down particles and cyclotrons existed for sure in the 30s

+1. But I didn’t see enough context to quantify if the male was being threatened or just stopping a burglar/vandal

3 ppl were shot tonight afaik

all by the same guy

In some ways with rocks, fireworks, etc you could make that argument. But in others the cops have been dealing with the same shit without being so fucking trigger happy. Dude should have called 911 and helped the guy he shot

Fuck. Last i checked in it was 2

I can tell you all rely on a paycheck from a nice secure company. Someone who had been warned multiple times to keep walking and keeps fucking with something I own and provides for my family. It wasn’t like people were randomly sniped with no warning.

I see both sides of the argument. I’m just glad I’m not in that position.

Chill out

I’m chill.

We have a strict no asshole rule

right, im v sorry it happened

People trade their life for stuff. Someone taking your stuff is tantamount to taking from your life

No need to bring up socioeconomic status

I get it. But someone taking part of your life doesn’t equate taking all of theirs.

At least not in today’s time with insurance and the like.

I want to have a discussion. If I’m an asshole in your eyes please tell me but I have not insulted any one and am not aming to troll.


You insulted the others calling them renters

Depends on where you live. City can run out of food quick as seen earlier this year or be priced out of normal reach of people. God bless you if you are self sustained enough not rely on the current shitty supply chain.

I won’t compromise OpSec
By telling you or anyone my location

I can say I’m safe & I have supplies

I dont think being a renter is an insult but I wasn’t implying people rented vs worked for someone who paid a paycheck vs own a business where you are relying on that business to pay for you and others lives.